The workshop “microbes-on-chip : microtechnologies for the study, use or detection of microorganisms” will aim to bring together students and scientist who are currently working with bacteria, viruses, yeasts or parasites using microfluidic devices for fundamental studies or biomedical applications.

This one day event will be a great opportunity to exchange views on current challenges in the development of new miniaturized diagnostic tools to address emerging threats to public health (Covid-19, antimicrobial resistance or tropical diseases).


The workshop program, including contributed abstracts, can been seen on the "Program" page.

 The event will start at 9:45AM CET, on Friday,  October 30th.

Registration to the workshop is free but mandatory, please go to the registration page.

Registrated participants will receive a link to join the visioconference, a few days before the workshop.


Due to sanitary conditions, the event will be held remotely in a virtual format




The organizing committee.

Karla Perez-Toralla
Morgan Delarue
Stéphanie Descroix
Eric Ezan
Pierre Joseph
Fanny Rousseau
Valérie Taly



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